Sales: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

Our economy revolves around marketing, merchandising and sales. While many of us enjoy the spending aspect of sales, there is a vital aspect behind it that we cannot forget — the company or salesman. 

Whether you are selling clothing or electronics, an individual or a marketing team is trying to sell the item. For your business to be successful, you must have a great sales team. If you are thinking about joining sales, you need to check out the good, the bad and the ugly below.

The Good

There are a ton of advantages or pros that come with sales. One of the most notable features is revenue. You are in sales because you want to increase traffic and sales for your business, brand or store. The better you or your team is at selling, the more money you make. 

Another great thing is that you will meet new customers that come from different locations and have different backgrounds. Sales also improves your people skills and negotiating methods. Most importantly, gain more self-confidence when being a part of a sales team. 

The Bad

While there are a ton of pros in sales, there are some bad aspects as well. Working under sales means you get paid by performance or commission. You do not have a steady paycheck, and it instead fluctuates every payday. Another con to sales is that you must meet a quota every month. If you do not meet your quota, then you can lose your job or get demoted. 

The Ugly

No matter what you take up as a career or hobby, some undesired features can occur. In general, most people have a stereotype of salesmen. They perceive them to be sleazy. While most people in sales are the complete opposite of this stigma, there are a few one-off cases. 

Also, if you do not make your job fun or interesting, sales get boring and repetitive. Always be on a mission to reach out to old, new and prospective customers. The worst thing about sales is that there is a lot of rejection. Throughout your career as a salesperson, you will get denied and rejected repeatedly. However, continue to push yourself and you will become successful. 

Sales drive our economy. Without it, our country or even the world would start to collapse. If you are ready to take that leap into joining sales, refer back to this article anytime you need help. If you want an experienced marketing team to help you increase your sales, give Business Growth Management Solutions a call today. 

P.S. Do you have a favorite book that’s helped you boost your sales career? Post it below in the comments section!


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