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When it comes to digital marketing, having a social media presence is a must. For some small businesses, social platforms are the best way to communicate with customers. Best of all, social channels are free to use, making them accessible to everyone.

Unfortunately, building a following on social media is easier said than done. Typically, it can take months or years for your posts to gain traction, which is far too long to boost your bottom line. One of the biggest issues that entrepreneurs face is a lack of time for posting and engagement.

Thankfully, Business Growth Management Solutions is here to help. We are the go-to social media marketing experts in Bellingham, Washington.

What is Social Media Management?

The best way to cultivate a following on these platforms is to stay active. On average, your business should be posting multiple times a day on each channel, as well as interacting with followers and customers. These interactions can be comments, shares, likes and direct messages.

Our social media management tools make it easy to grow your audience online much faster than you would be able to on your own. Social media management is a full-time job, and you have plenty of other details to worry about.

In addition to standard posting and engagement, BGMS offers:

  • Analytics – Find out which posts get the most engagement to maximize your brand’s awareness.
  • Content Marketing – It is not enough to post ads or specials; you need to curate content to share across various platforms. We use current content or help you develop new material.
  • Profile Audit – Is your social profile working as hard as it can? When visitors come to your page, are they prompted to visit your website or contact your business? We upgrade your social pages to capture more leads and drive more traffic.
  • Multi-Channel Management – It is not enough to have only a Facebook or Instagram account. We will help you build followers across multiple channels and focus our attention on those that get the most traction.
  • Ad Campaigns – Paid ads on social media are highly effective because they are specific to your audience. We will make sure that your posts get the best results.

A Holistic Marketing Approach

Every business should have a social media presence regardless of what stage of growth or scale your business is in.

If you have the marketing budget to hire a professional to manage your social media. you must be doing something right!

But before you move ahead with hiring a social media marketing agency or freelancer, ask yourself, “is this the most effective use of my budget?”

We believe in a holistic marketing approach that covers all aspects of your online presence.  Depending on your resources and goals, this may mean postponing certain facets of your digital marketing strategy in order to allocate resources to more impactful methods in the short term.

BGMS offers free, customized marketing consultations to help you decide which marketing strategy is right for you at this time.

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