Ways to Make Your B2B Marketing More Interesting

Marketing for a B2B company has many differences from its B2C counterparts. Although applying some of the traditional marketing techniques companies use to attract end users is difficult, there are also some cross-overs and similarities. B2B marketing often attempts to deliver information to industry professionals and managers, making it come across as dry and static. At the end of the day, if you want your marketing to be successful, entertaining, and interesting, you’ll need to get creative and think outside the box. There is no reason B2B marketing needs to be boring or less creative than any B2C campaign. Here are 7 ways to make your B2B marketing more interesting that you can use for inspiration.

1.    Use Visuals

B2B advertising will typically focus on product stats and shipment details. Even if you decide to go that route, there is no reason you can’t use visuals to make your B2B marketing more interesting. Start by making visually striking advertising that reflects your overall aesthetic choices in a way that is consistent with your brand’s graphic design. Bold colors with a lot of empty space will attract more attention than endless walls of text.

When using content marketing for B2B, you should also rely on charts and graphs rather than describing how your products function. Consider including pictures of your products in your articles. If you offer multiple versions or customization options, it would be helpful to visually present the alternatives for your customers. Although customization is typically done later in the sales cycle, having a 3D render of various options included in your content and marketing can create audience engagement.

2.    Emotional Storytelling is Essential

Due to the slower sales cycle and the larger volume of orders, many B2B marketers forget that they are trying to appeal to another person. Emotional storytelling is even more crucial for B2B than it is for B2C. Most people would assume that a rational, fact-based marketing approach is the best way to go for B2B. However, rational messaging is more important for short-term decision-making.

When you consider how drawn out B2B sales can get, it’s crucial to make your B2B marketing more interesting through emotional storytelling. Of course, product information plays a significant role when trying to persuade customers to make a purchase. Unfortunately, product marketing is forgettable, making it much less effective in the long run. Sometimes, decision-makers for B2B even gloss over product information since they can get overwhelmed by the facts. Therefore, you should make your marketing memorable by creating emotional associations.

3.    Know Whom You are Targeting

Creating a marketing campaign that resonates with your audience on an emotional level is always challenging. To be successful, you’ll need to know exactly who you are targeting with your advertising. Not specifying who your audience is and just creating a generic content marketing campaign would be a huge mistake, and you can end up wasting time and money. Thankfully, you are never going after a broad demographic with B2B ads. Create a detailed customer profile for your ideal customer and know what they are interested in. Realistically, you will go after a knowledgeable audience who prefers informative content.

4.    Don’t Force Conversions

Modern marketing seems to be obsessed with conversions of your website visitors to the point that it’s even affecting web design. However, the decision-making process for B2B can be drawn out, and customers often require a lot of time before closing the sale. Purchasers for B2B might need confirmation from the business owner or manager before proceeding. For this reason, you should play the long game with your marketing. Instead of forcing conversions, you can follow up on your visitors who expressed interest and retarget them with ads. Although immediate action and impulse purchases are rare, lead generation is essential for B2B. Remember that you should focus on lead quality, not quantity, and devote time to the most valuable leads.

5.    Create Flowing Content

We suggest you stick to long-form articles when creating content for your marketing campaign. Your writing will need to be well-researched and informative; however, you should also optimize your content and ensure it’s well-structured. Be careful not to get too caught up in detailed technical specifications since that makes for a dull read. Find your writing voice and give those facts an entertaining spin.

Your articles must have an immediate hook that will engage readers. We suggest you front-load your articles with an intriguing summary and present your readers with a question you plan to explore and answer. Show your writing to a third party unrelated to your business and ask for their feedback. They will let you know if the article flows naturally from section to section or needs another draft.

6.    Don’t Overdo It

You might be tempted to make your B2B marketing more interesting by cramming as much information as possible into your ads and content. Unfortunately, that approach will only prove to be counterproductive. It’s probably better to give your content some breathing room. You can also carry this principle over to your website. Experts for WordPress websites from WP Full Care suggest leaving plenty of white space to let the important elements stand out. Sometimes, less is more, and we suggest spacing out your content instead of trying to deliver everything at once.

7.    Leave Your Audience Wanting More

Engaging users in conversation is an excellent way to make your marketing more effective. Make yourself available and let them ask questions about your products and services. Track the most popular questions and create a FAQ based on the common topics. You can also address these issues through your content. However, leaving some of your content behind a subscription is an effective marketing strategy. Access can require signing up for your newsletter, allowing you to make a list of potential customers. If you ensure that your marketing and content offer valuable information to users, they will naturally want to hear what else you have to say.

In Conclusion

Remember that there are no sure bets when it comes to marketing. Always be on the lookout for how your campaign is progressing and be willing to make a course correction if necessary. You can start by implementing some of the advice we’ve outlined here to make your B2B marketing more interesting.

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