Advice Business Professionals Would Tell Their Kid

Nobody can say with certainty what business will look like for the next generation. The evolution of technology and society makes it hard to project trends 20 years down the line. Sweeping change occurs at an ever-accelerating rate, leaving marketers scrambling to adjust to retain their relevance.

Passing practical advice on to the next generation isn’t easy. There is no telling if the trends you would be willing to go all-in on today will be relevant tomorrow.

However, certain bits of wisdom actually have proven their staying power. Here is some usable advice business professionals would tell their kids.

Be Authentic

With greater access to information, today’s consumers are much more aware of how marketers are trying to sell to them. Traditional hard sells are not as effective in the face of modern skepticism and consumer knowledge.

Studies have revealed the importance of authenticity, along with the gap in perceived authenticity between marketers and consumers. In the advertising, content and other marketing material they produce, business professionals will continue to benefit from being genuine. They earn consumer trust through their integrity and lay the foundation for long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.

This means that content needs to display concern and understanding for users’ situational pain points. It means that advertising needs to be tightly targeted, honest and on-brand. It means that social media needs to be brimming with personality but also considerate and responsive. Without considering your level of authenticity, you risk coming across as pandering or inattentive. Consumers, for the foreseeable future, will have little tolerance for it.

Businesses are People, not Institutions

This sentiment references not only how employees should be valued but how they should be utilized. Thanks to a growing trend that surged under the circumstances of COVID, there is no shortage of contract workers. Especially as it pertains to small business, employees do not need to be thought of as staff members.

Hiring more ad hoc freelancers or reliable, on-demand contractors is a good money-saving tactic that can optimize productivity. Even with a marketing manager or an IT person on staff, you can still provide budgets for hiring freelancers. You can ensure your project is accomplished at a fair value and there is no waste of billable hours. Plus, you allow managers to work to their strengths. They can focus on priorities rather than get tied up in minutiae. With the accessibility of the growing freelance market, competition for your business means that you can expect a high ROI.

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