8 Tactics to Generate B2B Leads Online

The B2B business model is particular because the type of customers significantly differs from B2C clients. Because of that difference, all strategies for running a B2B business will require a different approach, especially when considering ways to generate B2B leads online.

We want to step away from old, boring strategies and explore unconventional approaches to lead generation. Remember that this approach requires a lot of A/B testing, but the results will amaze you.

1. Use tailored content

B2B companies target other brands and businesses. When creating content for your marketing campaign, it is crucial to have that in mind. This is a perfect situation to tailor the content to your clients’ needs. Businesses are usually more open regarding their goals and easier to communicate with.

However, even in this situation, it is possible to make content marketing mistakes. That mainly happens when you fail to analyze your clients in the right way. What you should do is:

  • Define a buyer persona: your targeted audience should not be the company but the people who make decisions for that company. Learn their age, job title, preferred channels for communication, most common pain points, and goals.
  • Understand the search intent: there are three main reasons people search for things online. They want to find specific information, learn something new, on make a purchase.

2. The benefit of B2B email marketing

One of the reasons why B2B email marketing is so efficient is that companies have a higher percentage of opened emails than B2C customers. The future of those companies is on the line, and the leaders will explore every possibility.

This is, in fact, one of the most efficient ways to generate B2B leads and increase conversions, especially when we consider the power of automated emails.

A couple of best practices for a successful B2B email marketing campaign are:

  • always address the email to a person, not the company;
  • remove non-existing addresses from your address book;
  • automate emails to save time and reduce manual work and human errors;
  • always be consistent with the quality of your content;

One additional part of an email marketing campaign is that you should always strive to grow your mailing list. The more contacts you have, the higher the chances are that someone will become interested in your offer.

3. Organize company events

Conferences, events, webinars, and presentations are suitable for generating more leads for your business. This is especially true now when virtual events allow people from all over the world to connect instantly.

Events are instrumental for B2B clients because they may help them to meet potential investors or clients. Also, participating in these events adds to their industry reputation.

4. Utilize various strategies to personalize B2B sales lead content

We spoke earlier about creating tailored content for your B2B clients. A massive part of tailoring content to your client’s requirements is personalization. This means that every potential lead gets access to content created specifically for their needs.

Personalization is about what you present to your leads and where and how. The three most common approaches include:

  • Social media: the reason why social media is essential for B2B is that the decision-makers of companies have a solid vocal presence on social media platforms. That is a perfect opportunity to get more out of social media marketing and attract more leads;
  • Presentations: a sales pitch has a lot of power to attract potential clients. Presentations are the best channel because they offer the opportunity to learn and educate yourself, which is what all businesses want;
  • Landing pages: among all of the elements of your website, the landing page plays one of the most crucial roles. It can grab the users’ attention within seconds and answer specific questions.

5. B2B referral marketing strategies still work

If we consider that B2B businesses often create contracts worth millions of dollars, it makes sense that they would want to see a referral from someone or a review of the company before making the decision.

The best way to get referrals for your business is to offer discounts, special offers, and trial versions of your products. Furthermore, you can survey clients, ask for a review, and do follow-up questions after customers purchase. Finally, encourage your clients to share your content on their social media profiles.

6. Utilize the repurposing strategy

If you have ever watched any cooking show, you probably heard how chefs who run restaurants want to utilize leftover ingredients to create stunning meals. It is the same in running a B2B company. You want to review your existing content and use it freshly and excitingly until it reaches its full potential.

You could try to:

  • create visuals and infographics from blog posts and share them on social media;
  • use list-based content to create carousel posts on social media;
  • use popular subjects to create email titles;
  • create a podcast from a blog post;
  • use multiple posts to create a detailed guide or a free eBook;
  • take an e-seminar recording, split it into shorter videos, and create a YouTube playlist;

7. Create content for multiple channels

There are different types of content you can create. This is because various channels require different content formats. Do an exercise where you would create the same piece of content in a blog format, a podcast, or a video, or post a message on a forum and answer questions.

This way, you are targeting multiple markets and creating different flavors for your content.

8. Is gated content useful?

Many people think that gated content usually does not contribute to your business because it asks the visitor to fill out a form before accessing it. The visitor might decide to skip the hassle and look for other free content that has no requirements.

However, the reason why gated content is still prevalent is that it generally offers more value. If you explain to potential clients that your content will address their pain points and solve potential problems, there is a high chance they will do whatever it takes to access that content.

Generate B2B leads online with these eight efficient tactics

And there you have it. Following these efficient tactics, you should not have any problems if you want to generate B2B leads online. Always strive to create a reliable connection, address their pain points, and offer value.

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