The Condensed History of Marketing in Under 1000 Words

December 7, 2020

Depending on which historian you talk to, marketing is either several hundred or several thousand years old. The principle of marketing your product or service to other people began in antiquity. Products and creations bore the insignias and signatures of their creators, showing anyone interested where they could get their own.

In its modern context, some historians believe that marketing as we recognize it today began in 17th century England. As global trade took off, traders began exchanging information on companies in order to find the right ones. Considered the first bit of market research, businesses took the opportunity to spread the word about themselves by themselves.

Marketing Techniques Gaining Popularity

Here we see many familiar marketing techniques take hold and gain popularity. Showrooms, magazines, direct mail in the form of fliers and letters, sales promotions and national sales campaigns all became common practice. They were invented by business owners who were looking to expand their trade. They even invented ideas like planned obsolescence and the loss leader price strategy around this time. Clearly, the age of consumer marketing had begun.

With the industrial revolution came marketing evolution. Businesses started the practice of identifying demographics to increase sales. They then created products specifically tailored to each demographic, such as standard and deluxe deviations.

Innovations in technology resulted in marketing changing shape. Posters, popular since the early 19th century, morphed into the modern billboard, which first appeared in 1889. With the advent of the automobile, billboards started springing up along popular roadways.

Marketing as a Science

As the complexity of marketing increased, the desire to understand and innovate grew. Universities taught marketing as an independent discipline starting in the early 20th century. As marketing became an area of study, the development of different schools of thought relating to marketing came into being. These include the commodity school, the functional school and the institutional school, among several others.

Marketing changed to match whichever form of media was most popular with consumers. From newspapers to radio to television and now with social media, marketing has changed with the times and proved itself time and time again that it will be with us well into the future.

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