6 Ways to Integrate Social Media and Email Marketing

Social media and email marketing are two entirely different yet integral components of digital marketing. Both are equally successful as effective marketing tools for businesses.

But with increasing competition, businesses must evolve and find innovative ways to gain an edge over competitors. You must integrate your social media and email marketing strategies for optimal results. Here we lay down six ways to help you do that.

Add a newsletter sign-up tab on Facebook

Facebook is a social media giant with the highest number of users globally. Direct your Facebook users towards your newsletter and make sure that they sign up for it. Design your Facebook page in a way that encourages your followers to sign up to your newsletter.

Add social media buttons to your newsletter

You should add social media buttons in your newsletter to direct email subscribers towards your social media platforms. It is the quickest way to expand your reach, especially when you start on social media. Use an email marketing platform like Moosend or HubSpot to insert social media buttons in your emails. 

Upload your mailing list to social media networks

You can upload your mailing list to social media platforms. It adds a face and a name to the previously impersonal follower data. It creates more opportunities for you to learn about your subscribers’ interests and helps you create a customized audience base for your services.

Create a community with your top subscribers

Social media communities are a great way to bring together like-minded people. Foster a community of loyal followers who love to read your newsletter and eagerly look forward to its release. An exclusive online community of subscribers creates a space where they feel appreciated and valued. Another benefit is that you get to know their opinions and views in an intimate environment. 

Re-target your mailing list with social ads

After you’ve uploaded your list of email subscribers on your social media, you can design your advertisements around their needs and preferences to improve your conversion rate.

Enable social sharing of emails

Email campaigns are a great way to include direct CTAs in your marketing material. Allowing your emails to be shared on social media will help you increase your reach exponentially and give you greater visibility. Your customers can share them with friends and family interested in your services, which will significantly increase your conversion rate.

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