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As technology advances, media trends progress as well. One of the biggest players in the digital space right now is social media. From Twitter to Instagram to Facebook, there are a plethora of social media outlets. Some, like MySpace, have taken downward dives. However, social media as a whole continues to grow. As a result, businesses must learn how to become a part of that space. Those put in charge of social media accounts must know how to get the most out of what they do. 

Outlet Prioritization

Some social media platforms are much more popular than others. However, that should not be the only determining factor when deciding which platforms to prioritize. For example, small, local radio stations generally have older listening audiences. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter are easy to use and have plenty of active, adult users. On the opposite end of that spectrum, you have apps like Instagram and Snapchat that cater toward a younger crowd. If you run the social media for a local station, Facebook and Twitter will be where you want to spend your time. Knowing your business demographics will help social media managers prioritize their time on the right outlets.


“Roamers” are people who have social media accounts but are rarely active. While this is fine for viewing others’ posts, it’s not ideal for growing a brand. As a social media brand blossoms over time, more and more users will look to interact with those accounts. Something that gets overlooked by many is simply taking the time to respond to a few comments. Professional athletes who are personable and friendly on social media gain big followings fast. It’s a simple, low-effort task that helps users get more out of their social media. 


Staying relevant is crucial to a successful social media account. The holiday season is a perfect opportunity to get creative with content. Burger King’s Twitter bio, for example, says “Caroling about the 2 for $5, you?”. It’s gimmicky, but it lets them push a promotion while staying in tune with the time of the year. For inspiration, look at what similar businesses and brands are doing on their accounts!

Look to a Digital Marketing Agency

It’s easier said than done to run a successful social media account. However, there are professionals available to help. Business Growth Management Solutions is a digital marketing agency that can help boost any social media presence. They are family-owned and operated and understand local business. Contact Business Growth Management Solutions today to get started with a custom social media strategy for your brand!

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